Created with Sketch. Cairo /Hurghada

Relaxation on Red sea CTE-CH102

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Enjoy different family friendly activities such as riding camels, diving, snorkeling and ...

Created with Sketch. Cairo / Sharm El-Sheikh

Sina Star CTE-CS103

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If a Vacation means a beach for you, this is your category ...

Created with Sketch. Sharm El-Sheikh / Dahab /Saint Catherine

Sinia overview CTE-SD130

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Drive from Sharm El Sheikh to the holy area of St Catherine ...

Created with Sketch. Cairo / Dahab / St.Catherine

Vally of Sinia CTE-CD129

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Looking for trip including most sightseeing in Cairo and Sinia ,so you ...

Created with Sketch. Alexandria /Alamein /Cairo

Alexandria Highlights CTE-AC127

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Discover the old sites and history of Alexandria from its ancient Egyptian ...

Created with Sketch. Newiba / Dahab / St, Catherine

Best of Sinia CTE-ND128

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Sandy beaches with golden hues and sparkling turquoise waters? We have it. ...

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